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Best Health Insurance Schemes for SEnior Citizens

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Age is not anymore a number when it comes to health insurance. With increasing age comes the additional risk of falling sick and contracting diseases. It is said that the later years of an individual’s life are financially less sound and physically more challenging and so, having a medical insurance scheme to take care of any urgent health expenditure is an intelligent practice.
Best Health insurance scheme for senior citizens/parents offer numerous unique features like cashless hospitalization, specific coverage for diseases like cancer, stroke, etc. and critical illness coverage.

Some of the most crucial features of health insurance plans for senior citizens in India are mentioned below:

  • Hospitalization cover, including room charges and medical bills
  • Cashless Hospitalisation through cashless plans
  • Day Care expenses which might arise out of technological advancements
  • Ambulance Charges are included
  • Coverage for pre-existing diseases is offered, which is subject to insurer, and the plan was chosen
  • No need to undergo medical screening to avail health insurance. This feature is insurance provider specific.
  • Higher sum insured
  • Pre-existing disease covered
  • Hassle-free and fast settlement
Health is an asset, and every aspect of life runs around good health. Due to the changes in health due to old age, it is imperative to have a good health insurance product to help you through your difficult years.

Here are some Best Plans
HDFC Critical Illness Insurance

It provides a lump sum payment in case the policyholder is diagnosed with a health related condition which is serious in nature. Such problems often escalate and become critical in nature. Some of the critical illnesses include Heart Attack, Paralysis, Cancer, Coronary, Artery bypass surgery, Major organ transplant, kidney failure, and a stroke.
  • It is a comprehensive plan that provides coverage for surgeries, hospitalization, and critical illness.
  • Lump sum payout against 18 critical illnesses and 138 surgical procedures.
  • Daily hospitalization cash benefit in case of hospitalization
  • Flexibility of paying single or regular premium based on the convenience
Entry Age
Between 60 to 75 years
61 years and above
0 to 65 years
Sum Insured
Rs.1 lakh to Rs.5 lakhs.
Rs. 2 lakhs to Rs. 5 lakhs
Rs. 2 lakhs to Rs. 15 lakhs
Network Hospital
6000 network hospitals
4000 network hospitals
3500 network hospitals
Rs.4,450 to Rs.18,000
Rs. 12,000 to Rs. 90,000
Rs.5333 for 2 lakh
A discount of 10% on premiums payment
5 to 7.5% of discount on 2 years policy renewals
Discounts available on 2-year policy renewals

Red Carpet Plan by Star Health

  • Pre-existing diseases are covered excluding for conditions for which treatment was suggested by or received during the immediately preceding twelve months.
  • Co-payment clause available - 30 percent for other than claims for pre-existing diseases and 50 percent for pre-existing diseases.
  • Discount of 10 percent on the premium is available if all lab tests and other documents are submitted.
  • Enhancement of Sum Assured is permitted during renewal time.

Optima Senior by Apollo Munich

  • Wife and Husband can be covered under the same policy on individual sum insured basis and get a 5% discount on the premium
  • Pre-screening medical tests are compulsory. The company would then reimburse 50 percent of these expenses.
  • 140 day-care procedures that do not require a 24hours hospitalization are covered.
  • Enhancement of Sum Assured is permitted during renewal
  • Cumulative Bonus of 5% for every claim free policy year
  • Pre-existing diseases are covered after three years
  • Two years waiting period for specific diseases like a hernia, cataract, joint replacement surgeries, etc.

Heartbeat by Max Bupa

  • Reducing co-payment clause is an excellent feature. After four years of continuous renewals, the co-payment % will become nil for senior citizens.
  • Free health check - up covered every year
  • The plan will not cover any treatments during the first 90 days of the policy unless the treatment needed is a result of an emergency or accident.
  • All day care treatments are inclusive.
  • 10% additional sum assured at each renewal.

The Bottom Line

Old age brings with it several health conditions that are heavy on the pocket to treat. Health Insurance for senior citizens is the best way to avoid tension and anxiety of paying expensive bills. A lot of health Insurance plans are made available by various insurance companies, especially for people who are 65 years and above. These insurance schemes voluntarily cover any medical expenses incurred by customers in their old age.

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WEAAD 2017 Some Pictorial tweets

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Vyasa's Musings - Random Thoughts rendered into couplets

Vyasa's Musings
Random thoughts rendered into couplets
Why are our fears very acute during the night
but they appear, during the day, so light?
Old dhoti, at your butt, will tear
if you bend without sufficient care
If you push it in, after peeing, without care
Remember, gentlemen: light colored pants are a scare!
Prompted by Suren, I learnt a lot about crop dusting
And the art of farting in public - not all that I read was disgusting.
"Sleep Well" is reliable brand of Agarbatti
As it contains citronella -- a powerful "kosu-viratti"
In the Voter Application form from a third gender, is it true
That Father is substituted by the applicant's 'Guru'?
"Supra Eco Homes" claim that even elevators work on solar power
As if there would be sunshine all through 365 days of the year
Raw Mango, Ridge gourd or bottle gourd peels
Are good for making chutney, don't you feel?
Croma electric kettle has the worst deceitful design
You can't clean it or close the lid, once open, again.
Before getting angry, will it not be nice
If you can realise it is a regrettable vice?

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At-the-Gate advertisements: So called “No Parking” sign boards

At-the-Gate advertisements: So called “No Parking” sign boards

During my evening walk I stopped by a house near our colony park. What arrested my attention was the fact that this house in particular was strange. The compound wall entertained a large number of “No Parking” sign boards that are put up by vendors who want free advertisements in lieu of pleading on your behalf that public should not park their vehicles in front of their gates.  There were almost sixteen sign boards.

What could be the motive behind that resident allowing so many boards? Was he just tolerant? OR he does not care how his property is being abused? Or he has struck a deal with vendors to pay him a small fee every month? Or he is very particular in telling the world that he would not, at any cost, tolerate parking in front of his gate? I feel the reason could be a mixture of any of these.

All such sign boards have a few things in common. All of them refer to some service or product or facility available in the neighbourhood – location specific. All of them face competition – there are more than one to compete. Normally I find schools, Data / Internet / Telecom companies, Fashion / hairdressers, dentists, supermarkets, eateries etc.

There are some owners / residents who are peeved at this imposition. Some wait and watch and shoe away guys who are tying them. Some cleverly remove (cut out) the advert part and keep only “No Parking” part.  Some place many boards one over the other to irritate the mischievous vendor.
Some simply tear and throw them away. Some display “Beware of Dog” board even when they don’t have any dogs.

Strangely the Bangalore Municipal Corporation thought that they are losing a lot of revenue through this insidious way of avoiding advertisement fee payable to the municipality. Some years ago they roamed around, colony after colony, identifying offenders to take them to task. They did not succeed I understand.

What is your take on this issue? Is this an issue at all -- it is just making mountain out of a mole hill? Years ago, I read a very humorous story (article) on this topic, by a lady journalist. I am unable to retrieve it. Can anyone help?


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Empty Asafoetida Container (=EAC)

Empty Asafoetida Container (=EAC)

Hing in English is Asafoetida. Decades ago, there was (and still is) a popular brand of edible hing called LG, produced (packed?) by LG Godhu Co. It used to be sold in rectangular tin containers. Hing, a vegetable origin resin, gum like substance, used to come in small one inch by two inch blocks. They will be wrapped in dried leaves and packed into paper cartons or tin boxes.

After the hing has been consumed the empty metal container was used for storing tailoring needs, cash, small pencils / erasers etc. The empty box used to emanate strong smell years after the box being empty. The feature is commonly known as “PaZhaya Perungaaya Dabbaa” (Empty Asafetida Container) in Tamil.

Now I am coming to you and me. Like EAC we seniors also behave. We live in past glory. We live in memories.  We talk of friends and relatives connected with us who are famous, big, well known etc. Live in shadow glory. Intrinsically inside us there is nothing much left now. Even future is limited or nothing guaranteed. But we keep harping on the past often regurgitating pleasant memories. Replay. Why do have this weakness I fail to understand. Do you?

Sunday, May 28, 2017

This summer, why not count your blessings?

This summer, why not count your blessings?

In summer we generally fret and fume about hot sun and sultry weather. I keep lamenting everyday that the temperature – in Hyderabad - is touching 43+ degrees Celsius, or about that range.  Reading the weather report and news how others in neighbouring districts / states are faring leaves you all the more frustrated. You take all precautions before venturing out for any work – wearing caps, taking umbrella, drinking water etc. If we learn to count our blessings, psychologically our sufferings will be low and bearable.  Let me enumerate some of the advantages of blistering hot weather.

  • ·        Clothes dry up very fast; no need to put them for drying inside the house after evening.
  • ·        Mosquitoes vanish; they cannot survive in that dry heat
  • ·        Preparing Papad, Vadiyalu  or Pickles is easy
  • ·        Curtains and bed sheets may be washed and dried quickly
  • ·        We can enjoy cold water bath – no hot water necessary - saves energy
  • ·        Butter for bread melts easily
  • ·        We can enjoy ice cream, various juices, deserts etc
  • ·        No one can forget Mangoes, Munjal or Sugar Cane Juice
  • ·        We can put off work involving moving around blaming it on the heat.
  • ·        If at you stir out, you can enjoy traffic less roads
  • ·        You can enjoy reading books in natural sun light

I can list out some more. But why not you contribute?

Thursday, May 25, 2017



I feel like a tiny insect caught in the web of procrastination.
Who is this spider at the centre, 
frightening to devour / destroy me completely?

Is it the demon of laziness?
Lack of determination grit or will power?
Fear of venturing out?
A sense of incompetence?
Or, self assumed distorted view about one’s time?
Well, what is that?

That central creature
Whatever that may be
Is playing havoc every night
With my poor rattled soul;
I live like Dr Jekyll and Hyde
Dr Jekyll by night and Hyde by day.
During the nights I make pious resolutions
Which only evaporate during next day.
It shows an accusing finger at me
Condemning me squarely –
You -  good for nothing fellow.

When will I kill that demon and set myself free,
How and with whose grace,
I wonder.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

What did you take home when you retired?

What did you take home when you retired?

When you retired from your employment - be it government, business, private employer, army and the rest – you might have taken home certain things. Your personal belongings will definitely be there, for sure.  Perhaps, some stationary including letterheads, visiting cards, notebooks and the like - could be. I took voluntary retirement from IDL in Feb 1992. While clearing my table there was: nearly half a pack of cigarettes that I had kept as a reminder to myself-- the last unfinished pack when I gave up smoking in 1987.

I worked in that explosives industry as a librarian for a very long time. Some people took away (stole) very valuable manufacturing documentation [ containing foreign technical know-how] when they left the company for various reasons – ousted, dismissed, resigned under VRS, normal retirement – went seeking greener pastures with competitors etc. Some took enough stationary for grandkids’ schooling. A few borrowed “not-easy- to-buy” books from the library with an idea of never returning them. When the time of separation came, they would simply declare the book to be lost and pay up whatever were dues! Many took fond memories of the canteen food.  

Recently I read a piece on retirement planning. People normally advise you to have a proper financial plan – where and how to invest retirement benefits for long term gain. How would you cope with loss of income after retirement? Financial planning activity and why it is a must is easy to understand. What I read also spoke about planning to improve social capital. Details about your friends, official contacts continue to be useful.  Are you taking goodwill among your friends as well? Will they help you if you ask, irrespective of the fact you are not in the seat of power anymore?

In the place of my longest employment (IDL), a few did take with them goodwill they had developed. When such persons retired and joined competitors, they always had enough ‘insiders’ to help them!  At one point of time IDL used to send employees for foreign trips on flimsy reasons but the sole objective was to bind the employee not to leave the company for certain number of years.  I signed a bond for five years after I was sent on (an unwilling) trip to European countries for five weeks. That was in 1979. I am told many retirees start consultancy activity mainly based on goodwill they can capitalize. My father-in-law was one!

Do you have a story to tell or enrich the answer to header-question?

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Two more Telugu Books on Gerontology released in Hyderabad

Two more Telugu Books on Gerontology released in Hyderabad

On 9th May 2017 two books in Telugu were released. The event was a part of birthday celebration of members of Association of Senior Citizens, in Lions Bhavan Secunderabad. It coincided with the birthday of one of the authors: Sobha

The first book is “Mighty Ninety” written by Dr Sobha Gurajada Perindevi. It is a compilation of biographical sketches of several senior citizens who have crossed 90. Most important among them is Sri Roop Narayan Mital, Immediate Past President of AISCCON. The book is a good source to learn about seniors who have attained fame.

The second book is by Sri Chepuri Shankar Rao entitled: Vurddho Rakshata Rakshitaha  which translates to: Those protect the elderly will be protected.

Dignitaries on the dais viz: Sri RN Mittal, Sri IM Bhalla, Dr Vyasamoorthy, Sri Khanapur Krishna Rao, Sri Chepuri Shankar Rao, Smt Sobha Perindevi, Octogenarian mother of Sobha, Smt Hymavathi Bhimanna and others spoke about the authors and the books. Copies were distributed to participants in the audience as well.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Correcting drafts: How much effort is needed?

Correcting drafts: How much effort is needed?


When you type out a letter or some communication how much effort do you put in to correct errors?  Some send it out without any re-touch. Some spend hours perfecting it. I mean they go to extremes. Need for providing an accurate output depends on many factors like the recipient, the purpose, the occasion etc. If you are sending an article for publication in a reputed magazine / journal then complete proof reading is a must. If you are writing a reply in a discussion forum, if meaning is carried correctly it is fine. Silly typos will be understood and tolerated in informal exchanges. If you are submitting a resume for employment then neatness, in addition to correctness, also counts.


If what you enter gets into a database, say a directory of Members then strict discipline is called for. For example if you make a mistake in typing the name of the locality in address column, it may or may not matter. If the locality name will be used to sort by location then consistency in correct spelling is required. If it is a part of a block data, even the postman wouldn't mind typos or variant names. If DOB is entered, it must be perfect to be interpreted correctly: 01/07/1943 – Is this first July or seventh January?


If the error pertains to facts or content then correction must be carried out. If an error causes confusion then re-writing for better clarity is warranted. For instance read the sentence:


"The subscription to your magazine standing in the name of  Rangaswamy expired in Dec 2016"


Who expired? Subscription or Rangaswamy? When? Dec or Dec. or December? You know which correction is a must and which one can be left uncorrected.


Sacrificing dots after commonly understood abbreviations is OK with me. Mr and Mr. are both fine and you shouldn't find fault with me if I omit dots after popular abbreviations.


Well, I can go on and on (like a mother-in-law) with examples. But my plea is: Be practical. Correct where you must; leave something / rest for the recipient to work upon!





Dr P Vyasamoorthy
30 Gruhalakshmi Colony, Secunderabad 500015 Telangana
LL 040-27846631 / Mobile: 9490804278

When you correct the draft of your writing do you aim at perfection or functionally correct output?

ElderLine 1090 Mumbai Helpline

ElderLine is a mega-network of individuals and organizations who volunteer their services for catering to the needs of Senior Citizens. The scheme works under the supervision of Mumbai Police and functions through Mumbai Police Infoline – 1090.


The Protective Circle:

Through this momentous initiative the Mumbai Police brings together volunteer doctors, clinics, hospitals, counsellors, social workers, ordinary citizens, police personnel and the best of technology to aid of the elderly. Absolutely any able and compassionate individual or organisation can become a volunteer.


Every volunteer will go through a simple interview and complete background check, and then given a special identity card. Volunteers will be allowed to decide days and times when they'll be available. Even if they are busy at a particular moment, all they will have to do is inform Elderline. The Police will also coordinate the efforts of different departments and organizations.


In case of medical emergencies, aid shall be provided through various NGOs, hospitals, and doctors on the rolls of ElderLine. Many of them promise reduced charges and preferential care as well.  For harassment, domestic violence, medical problem, security concerns, counselling, legal issues, etc, the requirement will be noted and forwarded to a verified volunteer from the concerned area. He will meet the member at the earliest, attend to his needs or guide him to the correct person/organization. Infoline shall follow-up.


In case of non-availability of volunteers or in emergencies, local police station mobile will be dispatched to look into the matter at the earliest.


Beck and Call:

ElderLine is equipped with an advanced GPS-based tracking and dispatch system. So the minute a person calls 1090, his/her exact location is accurately revealed on our screens. Similarly, it also helps the Police track, contact and dispatch appropriate volunteers or, if the need be, a police mobile immediately. ElderLine maintains a large database of volunteers so that there is always one ready to go. In case no volunteers are available, police personnel are dispatched instantly. All this is to ensure that the Police reach people faster, and help them better.


Registration Details:

  • To register as a senior citizen, or as an ElderLine doctor, nurse, counsellor, psychologist, clinic, hospital, organisation or simply a caring volunteer, all you have to do is fill a simple form.
  • Registration forms are available on the Mumbai Police website here. Forms are also available at all police stations and with various non-profit organisations.
  • Senior Citizens may directly call 1090 to register themselves.


Senior Citizens can call ElderLine:

  • When they urgently require the help of medical professionals.
  • When they face situations that involve physical violence or pose a risk to their lives.
  • Senior Citizens may directly call 1090 to register themselves.


The following are a few frequently asked questions about Elderline:

1)       Who are the partners in the scheme?

Apart from individual volunteers, organizations, doctors, hospitals who form the back-bone of the scheme, ElderLine, an initiative of Mumbai Police works in association with its media partners The Times of India and technology partners Spanco Tele Systems.


2)       Who all can register in the scheme?

If you are 60 or above and living without an extended family, you can have one now. Become a member and avail a support system created with your needs in mind. To register as a part of voluntary network, you could be an organization or an individual, hospital, nursing home, legal expert, student, professional, home maker – anybody with conviction in the cause.


3)       How can one register?

  • Simply log on to Mumbai police web-site here, follow the link and register yourself.
  • Registration forms are available with all the police stations and certain NGOs. Fill up the form, hand it over to the nearest police station or send by post at the address of "The ElderLine, Office of the Commissioner of Police, Crawford Market, Mumbai".
  • Senior Citizens may directly ring 1090, and provide the details.


4)       How will I, a Volunteer know that I am required to attend to some Senior Citizens?

No sooner ElderLine receives a call from the Infoline, their state of the art GIS/GPS system will get the exact location of the caller. The software will find out the most suitable volunteer. The agent handling the call will make a call to the volunteer; find out his availability and SMS him the address of the Senior Citizen.


5)       If I once register as a Volunteer, am I obliged to take every call?

Absolutely not. ElderLine respects your time and prior commitments. During the registration process itself, you can indicate your availability. They will approach you only during the timings of your choice. In the eventuality of your not being available during the indicated time, you can always indicate your unavailability by pressing appropriate button on your mobile phone.


6)       What happens if a Volunteer cannot go?

If one Volunteer is unable to take the call because of any reason, another volunteer of the same area is approached. If two volunteers refuse or it is an emergency, a police mobile is rushed into service.


7)      Can a Senior Citizen call during medical emergencies?

Yes. ElderLine propose to have a list of volunteer doctors, ambulances and hospitals. We will direct the available help to the Senior Citizen immediately.


8)       What if a Senior Citizen wants appointment with a doctor or counsellor?

Many doctors and hospitals are associated with ElderLine. Most of them promise reduced fee and other considerations.


9)       What about the scrutiny of Volunteers?

No person will be registered as a Volunteer without first being verified by the Police. They will issue every Volunteer an identity card. Since they will have complete details of the Volunteers, you may be rest assured that the volunteers are verified.


10)   Once registered, can I get my name removed from the list of volunteers?

Yes. Just call 1090 and request for the same.


11)   Can I send some financial assistance to the scheme?

There is no provision for it. They will greatly appreciate your contribution as volunteer. However, if you want to help the scheme in any other way, please write to the Commissioner of Police, Mumbai.


Senior Citizens deserve the utmost respect and by taking the rights steps the elderly can be looked after and kept safe.


Dr P Vyasamoorthy
30 Gruhalakshmi Colony, Secunderabad 500015 Telangana
LL 040-27846631 / Mobile: 9490804278

I liked today's (9th May) Deccan Chronicle  as it ignored reporting on the antics of Karnan, the madcap.