Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Senior Citizens Travel Tips

Senior Citizens – Friendly vacation – Travel as an option


There are hundreds of senior citizens who are thoroughly bored and wonder how to kill time. Most pensioners have enough money and reasonably good health to enjoy. They may not know the avenues open to them to spend time usefully, enjoyably and entertain themselves. Traveling is an excellent option. Here are some tips.


If you are single, widowed or a divorcee - chances are high among senior citizens - there are exclusive clubs / associations for meeting their needs. For instance Anand Yatra in Pune caters to singles (middle aged and above) by engaging them in travel. Day long picnics to local spots, weekend getaways to nearby towns or weeklong sojourns are all there. The purpose is to get to know each other during such trips, get closer and perhaps even think of going for long term relationships like living together, live-in, second marriage and the like. Contact: Anand yatra DR Hemant 9552127127 / Mumbai 9820775870 hvdeo@yahoo.co.in.  Who knows, your boredom may be permanently cured!


There are many who may be unfortunate and suffer from loss of hearing or vision issues or mobility issues – bound to wheel chair sort of, or speech problems. Though they have the desire to be a part of travel groups and enjoy a bubbling life many tour operators would shy will shy away from them. Precisely to infuse confidence and life into such seniors, http://www.enable.com arranges travel program exclusively meant for disabled persons. Both local national international trips are arranged. I saw a video https://youtu.be/Vb-bHGzxPEM and am thoroughly impressed at the efforts they take to make enjoy like despite disabilities.


There are senior citizens associations and clubs that specialize in organizing travels for their members on a regular basis. Tamilnadu Senior Citizens Association TANSECA is a thirty year old association in Chennai with a membership base of 2000. Trips both national and international are routine here. They just concluded a South India tour – six days – 32 people – visiting Yelagiri, Hoganekal, Thiruchengode, Palani etc. There must be some SCA in your city to help you out.


IRCTC tourism organizes all kinds of tours. They are highly affordable, well planned and scheduled properly. Everything from food, local conveyance and train tickets are mentioned without ambiguity. You can make a small group and join the trips. As they are guided tours with experienced guides and IRCTC is a govt outfit chances of getting duped are nil. Variety of choice is amazing. Try and share your experiences for the benefit of others.


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Monday, February 12, 2018

List of things that any SCA can do

There were 62 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

  1. Take part in rallies for social betterment
  2. Conducting painting & art classes
  3. Publish – constitution byelaws etc
  4. Publish – brochure
  5. Liaise with govt / municipality
  6. Celebrating achievements of members
  7. Membership drive – introduce new members, cap, directory, folder, rules / regulations etc
  8. Medical camp – hearing loss assessment
  9. Conducting smart phone usage classes
  10. Join local federation
  11. Donate to old age home
  12. Conduct competitions sports painting crafts collectibles stamps, music dance etc
  13. Buy exchange donate books
  14. Visit old age homes
  15. Giving prizes gifts mementos certificates awards etc on various occasion
  16. Socialization – visit members' sad occasions (funeral etc)
  17. Help financially – offer scholarship
  18. Visit old age homes
  19. Medical camps – Diagnostic
  20. Help Financially – get him a job / employ him in SCA
  21. Learning related – assess members interests
  22. IT related – enthuse members to donate laptop printer, internet dongle etc
  23. Conducting digital payments or IT classes
  24. Conducting music classes
  25. Learning related – run a library
  26. Regular meetings on specified dates/ days of the month
  27. Learning related – form U3A or learners group
  28. Socialization – get to know members
  29. IT Related -- maintain a google / yahoo group
  30. Celebrating festivals
  31. IT related – send SMS alerts meetings greetings
  32. Picnics and outings – overnight stay
  33. Collect donations for events in member's homes
  34. Celebrating birthdays
  35. Collect unused unexpired medicines
  36. Learning related – join other U3As
  37. IT related -- conduct awareness classes
  38. IT Related – provide a website
  39. Publish – list of members
  40. Celebrating national events
  41. Help Financially – getting OAP
  42. Publish souvenir
  43. Socialization – visit buddies who are ill / bedridden
  44. Donate – clothes to poor people
  45. Publish – newsletter
  46. Picnics and outings – local
  47. Medical Camp – diabetes
  48. Maintain a bulletin board
  49. Conduct a jumble sale garage sale
  50. Conduct seminars, conferences, workshops etc
  51. Co-operate with govt / municipal authorizes
  52. Donate books stationery shoes clothes to school
  53. Engage members in entertainment
  54. Membership drive – Add new members
  55. Medical Camp – Dental
  56. Conducting bajans and religious meetings / puja
  57. Help Financially – Arrange loans
  58. Celebrating wedding anniversaries
  59. Engage members in voluntary work
  60. Collect used dress material
  61. Conducting computer classes
  62. Learning Related – announce learning opportunities


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